Tips and Tricks to Make Your Car Faster

We've scoured the internet to bring you some of the best ideas to make your car faster.

8 Cheap Modifications to Make Your Car Faster!

Make Your Slow Car Fast

Budget Fast & Furious Build

    Why Online Fast Car Websites Are a Great Resource For Sports Car Enthusiasts
    An online fast car website provides sports car fans with an entertaining and educational place to view the world's coolest and highest performing super cars. No longer will online users have to search through thousands of web pages to locate their dream car.

    Rent the Fast and the Furious Exotic Chevrolet Chevelle SS
    We can all rent and have fun with all the other cars as long as we want to but we must never forget the reason we came here for in Las Vegas. We are here for the Chevrolet Chevelle SS, one of the fastest muscle cars that is going to give us the fast and furious experience. With this car we wouldn't need to shave our heads and have Vin Diesel's muscle. We can rent a muscle of our own, we can rent the Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

    Nissan R35 GTR - Super Car Or Not?
    The Nissan R35 GTR explained. Is it a super car? What makes a car a super car?

    What Makes a Supercar?
    Asking what makes a supercar is like asking, what makes a beautiful woman - everyone has its own opinion. It was coined to describe extremely expensive, extremely beautiful and extremely fast cars. In short, a supercar is a car that changes your idea of what a car is and what a car can do.

    New Vs. Used Car Performance Parts: Which Way to Go?
    Maintenance is to the car what food is to the body. For a motor vehicle to function properly, it needs constant maintenance. The maintenance takes the form of cleaning and replacing worn out parts with performance accessories. Car accessories are subject to wearing out. When automobile accessory wears out, you are supposed to replace it.

    Supercars of the 21st Century
    All cars will take you from point A to B. Others will take you faster. Some cars will make you feel like you are flying. Others will literally fly. In the 21st Century, nothing is left to spare, and engineers are stopping at nothing.

    Brooke Double R - Sports Car That Looks Like A Racer
    Sneaking into the group of small but incredibly fast sports cars is the Brooke Double R. It was launched a while ago, but has been updated and improved by a couple of experienced engineers, and this lovely and tiny car is now in production. You get tremendous acceleration and cornering for your money.

    Autocross Buying Guide - Select the Right Car
    In my experience, autocross can be a very fun and exciting sport. I have participated in several events in my local area.

    Drag Racing - The Perfect Launch
    Drag racing, a contest between two cars beginning from a complete stop over a<br /> distance of a 1/4 mile (1,320 feet) depends heavily on first 60 feet of the race, or the<br /> launch.  The technique used for launching varies greatly depending on the how the car<br /> is equipped.   The type of transmission, which wheels are being driven, tires, power,<br /> suspension and track preparation all play key roles in how to go about getting the best<br /> launch possible from the car.

    Drifting and the Popular Culture of Drift Racing
    Despite the dangers of drifting, it has become a prominent hobby and style of racing around the world. Notorious for their drift racing skills, Japan has been the Country of choice for drifting; featured in films such as "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift."

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