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1996 BMW Z3

Rank: #1

Class: Tame Cars

0-60 Time: 8.1 seconds

Winner's Circle

The top 10 fastest cars are lined up from fastest to slowest by their 0 to 60 times. We bring you this list of Tame Cars based on the best estimates from trusted sources, including Car & Driver, Motor Trend, Road & Track and more.

Ranked at #1, the 1996 BMW Z3 races 0-60 mph in 8.1 seconds. Sports cars that fall within this range of acceleration are categorized as Tame Cars.

It pulls ahead of the #2 ranked 1992 BMW 535i by 0.1 seconds and the #3 ranked 1979 BMW 528i by 0.1 seconds.

Before getting in the driver's seat of one of these cars and punching the gas, you should know where you stand. In a race from 0-60 mph between 1996 BMW Z3 vs. 1992 BMW 535i, you would WIN by 0.1 seconds!

If you are thinking about going head to head with another BMW, make sure you know your competition. Find out where your car ranks against the top 10 fastest cars from 1996.

0-60 mph Standings

RankOrderYearOrderMakeOrderModelOrderHorsepowerOrderMSRPOrder0-60 TimeOrder
71984BMW633CSi $39,2108.4
81982BMW633CSi $36,9958.4
101978BMW320i Alpina160$19,5008.5
131985BMW325e $21,7608.9
141988BMW325es $25,2209.0
151994BMW325i Convertible189$45,8279.1
161981BMWHardy & Beck 323i162$19,7399.3

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